Memior,Angry Days

I get mad for many days. Bad things sometimes happen, and I get tired of the bad things that happen. I am better when I wait at the sofa for a while and watch T.V. then do homework. I have to rest after school but I have to do my homework right away. I am tired of doing things in school without a break. I get mad. I want to take a break. I get mad easier.  One time my sister was crying and when she cries, it makes me mad.I do not want to talk about that, but I will tell you anyway. I all most lost myself, but I controled myself to hide the Nintendo Wii. It solved my problem. Then I returned it, but I can’t relax. I want a day that I can relax. I don’t get a break. I once did something I never forgot. That was the past, now I want to know the future.

KevBen’s Blog

Welcome to my blog.OK, I am KevBen. Check out cool things and leave a comment. I don’t have much to say because if I type a location or put my real name with the last, I might be in lots of danger. I will tell the world only what my life is like and fun and good information.                                   A few years ago, I was bullied by some kids. Those kids didn’t treat me well.One time I fell and they saw me and called me a name.I tried to get up, but I fell again. Then I got and went to play basketball, but my leg was broken.